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Rect. container box set. w/60-08

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Dimension: (5x600X400X80mm)

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Set of five container boxes for germination/hydroponics. Four of them have perforated bottoms and serve as germination and culture trays. The fifth box, not perforated, is used to soak the grains at the beginning of the process, and is subsequently placed underneath the four perforated boxes, serving to collect the liquids resulting from germination.

Germination/hydroponics is a technique that allows healthy and homogeneous crops to be produced in short periods, in little space and with better flavor and quality.

Not using land, it is an efficient cultivation method that optimizes resources, reducing water use by 90% and allowing materials such as plastic or wood to be reused.

A simple, ecological and economical option for home gardens that allows you to easily grow lettuce, coriander, parsley, radish, pepper and tomatoes, perfect ingredients to surprise in your recipes.